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Surprise Your Dad With the Perfect Father’s Day!

Another Father’s Day is approaching– fast. We know you’ve probably run out of ways to make this holiday even more special than the last, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This easy Father’s Day guide will help you plan the perfect day with Dad so you won’t resort to taking him to yet another movie he’s bound to fall asleep in. Just pick the category that best describes your main man and read away!


Does your dad love spending a relaxing day at home with the family? Make him feel like the king of his castle this Father’s Day. Plan a family BBQ in your own backyard, even invite friends if your Dad is a social butterfly. Bobby Flay from the Food Network is host to some of my favorite grilling recipes, and your Dad (like mine) is going to love biting into one of these gourmet, juicy burger choices. For some easy backyard games the whole family will enjoy, try cornhole or a basic game of 2 v. 2 soccer. Or, let the adults relax  while the kids play. Your dad will love lounging and watching his little ones run around on this comfy outdoor hammock. Even the kids can jump on, too!

Steel Hammock Stand in Classic Arc Design


I would characterize my Dad as a “Sporty Dad,” and I’m sure there are many more out there like him. Try introducing your Dad to a sport he may not usually pursue, like kayaking. Make a day out of it by packing a picnic and stopping by shore for some snacks. Pack for the whole family with this deluxe modern lunchbox, perfect for dividing portions and even carrying water bottles. If your Dad wants to stay closer to home, try a family tennis tournament. The winner (hopefully Dad!) decides what to BBQ for dinner. Looking for the perfect Sporty Dad gift? The Scout will allow your Dad to keep his electronics and necessities close by while he works to stay fit!



A little different from the Sporty Dad, the Outdoorsy Dad enjoys nature and the beautiful weather. Take your Dad on a hike and find a cool, calm spot to stop for a picnic. Or, plan a beach day and a fun game of flag football with the family; fit beach toys, sunscreen and towels all in this handy mesh beach tote. Your Outdoorsy Dad will also love a Scout this Father’s Day (see Sporty Dad)– give it a try!


For the Dad who loves the arts, plan a day trip to see the new exhibit at a local museum (for SF locals, try the Picasso exhibit at the DeYoung Museum). Dad may also enjoy an outdoor concert with the family– pack your dinner and drinks, too! Your Artsy Dad probably still has the Father’s Day cards you made him when you were eight, but this year kick it up a notch. Help your Dad display his favorite family memories in his office with this photo storage tray. Choose and organize the photos for Dad, then sit back and watch him enjoy the finished product.

6 Section Photo Storage Tray


Is your Dad always up to date with the latest gadgets? This Father’s Day, skip the gadgets and create a gift closer to the heart. Your Techy Dad will love a homemade DVD with clips of fun family memories, but for those who also want to purchase a gift for Dad, try one that he’s sure to use every day. Explore the  Tech Tamer collection, which includes everything from cord organizers to charging cases to help Dad manage his electronics with ease (great for traveling)!

Tech Tamer Collection


Finally, we address the Dad who loves renovating and fixing every corner of the house. This Father’s Day, build something with Dad, like a new bench for the backyard or a bookshelf for the office; he won’t be able to resist spending time with the family and doing something he loves. Help Dad be Mr. Fix-it with a wall tool holder or a new tool case, especially one the kids can decorate for him themselves!

Alice Supply Co. White Tool Box


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