Putting an End to Your Tangled Chains


1. Minimize: The first step towards organizing your jewelry is the same as organizing any other part of your life: get rid of what you don’t need! Go through your collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings and pick out the items you no longer wear. It is useless to have unworn items sitting around, taking up space, and getting tangled. Make the decision to either give away, donate, or sell your old jewelry.

2. Organize: There are many different organizing tools to help ease the process of storing your jewelry. Our expert for the week, stylist from Stella & Dot, Sandy Sloan (check out her website: http://www.stelladot.com/sandysloan or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Style.With.Sandy) gave GreatUsefulStuff.com some helpful tips on organizing and storing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. For earrings,

Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder via PBteen

Sandy says “A separate earring tree of sorts is something that really helps a woman identify her different pairs and not have them hooked together. What a pain when we’re in a rush!” Sandy recommends this Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder for earrings and it is great because it “has room for studs and even rings!” For bracelets, Sandy some great suggestions. She says,

Wood Bangle Stand via NILE

“Bracelets can stand to be stacked together in a drawer of a jewelry box if the bracelets are made of leather or if they are bangles and cuffs, but a bracelet bar just makes it so easy for a woman to identify what she has, especially if she has delicates she doesn’t want to get tangled.  This also allows a quick view of your possible arm party options.”

As for necklaces, Sandy “definitely recommends storing” them “on hooks.” This keeps necklaces separated and helps avoid chains from get tangled.

At GUS, we have some of our own Great Useful Solutions to assist your jewelry troubles. While Sandy’s recommendations are all great, sometimes space is limited, particularly in dorm rooms and apartments. If you are living in a smaller area or if you just want to keep your jewelry out of a shared living space, our Hang-Hers Jewelry Organizer is an excellent option! The Jewelry Organizer comes with 6 top-access mesh pouches to store all of your jewelry and it can easily be hung in your closet. Also, the Hang-Hers Organizer keeps your jewelry secure and out of site!

Hang-Hers Jewelry Organizer

Also, for something new and creative, our Jewelry Tray organizes your jewelry by occasion rather than by type. The Jewelry Tray is made of woven grass cloth and is separated by jewelry for the day, night, and special occasions. Not only does the tray save time in trying to find the right theme of jewelry, but each compartment is also separated to fit necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

Jewelry Tray

3. Protect: What’s the point in organizing your jewelry if it won’t last? That is why protecting your jewelry is just as important as organizing it. Our expert, Sandy, advises our readers to store jewelry in enclosed items because “it protects the jewelry inside from the effects of humidity” She continues, saying “oxidation is what colors the jewelry whether it’s sterling silver or costume jewelry, so keeping jewelry away from the shower or other forms of humidity is important.” Also, Sandy adds that “as a general practice, [she] stores fine jewelry in a tarnish-resistant fabric-lined jewelry box. [She] separates gold from silver so that the metals don’t affect each other.


Glam Jewelry Travel Case

Traveling with jewelry can be tricky; but, as a rule of thumb, always keep it with you in a purse or carry-on if you are going on a plane. Also, GUS has a helpful solution for traveling with jewelry. Our Glam Jewelry Travel Case is both portable and stylish. No more lost, tangled, or broken jewelry! The Jewelry Case has several pockets to protect and organize your valuable items and can easily fit right into a purse or bag.

For more information about products and ordering, visit http://www.greatusefulstuff.com.

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