Managing a Messy Car


Tackling a messy car can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! Begin with making three piles – one with things to throw away, one for things you want to keep in your car, and the last pile is for things you want to keep at home. Our expert for the week, Laura (blogger from advises to pile anything you want to remove from the car but keep at home “into a laundry basket so you can take it into the house and put it away where it belongs when you are done.” Make sure to empty everything, including the glove compartment, trunk, cup holders, and side compartments. Now, either vacuum and wash the car yourself, or bring it to a carwash!


Glove Compartment: This space should be used for the essentials only! The car manual, insurance information, and registration should all be kept here. In case you ever need any of these, you do not want to waste time hassling through a mess of useless items.

Center Console: Our recommendation is that the center console should be dedicated for storing the items belonging to the driver and the person in the passenger seat. Examples of items that may be kept there include sunglasses, cell

Purse Essentials

phones, makeup, and more. Don’t let the name of this product mislead you, our Purse Essentials from are an excellent way to organize the center console. Instead of fumbling around to try to find your sunglasses while driving with the blinding sun in your eyes, the Purse Essentials make it easy to find everything you are looking for. Also, with a neat and organized center console, this will encourage you to stop throwing receipts, wrappers, and trash into this compartment.

Side Pockets: Side pockets on the doors of the car are a great place to store car chargers and other electronics. However, cords tend to get tangled and this makes for a messy automobile. GUS has solutions to neatly store your chargers and electronics! Our 2-sided Cord Pouch is great because it holds up to ten chargers in separate compartments of an easy-viewing labeled pouch. You no longer will have to worry about tangled and disorganized chargers, cords, and wires!

2-sided Cord Pouch

Another Great Useful Solution from is our Personal Media Pouch. This can be easily stored in the side pockets of your car doors, along with the Cord Pouch. The Personal Media Pouch effortlessly stores and organizes phones, cameras, iPods, cords, chargers, headphones and other electronics. This will definitely easy your worries of losing or misplacing electronics during long car rides.

Personal Media Pouch



Other tips: Laura writes on her blog about the necessity of garbage bags in automobiles. She writes “I’m making it my personal mission to see to it that garbage bags are added to vehicles everywhere.  I’ve seen one too many vehicles with food wrappers and other garbage on the floor.  We wouldn’t do this in our homes, so why then is it okay in our vehicles?” We recommend always keeping a plastic bag in the car, whether it be in the seat pockets, tied around the neck of the seat, or even in the trunk of the car. This will save tons of time having to constantly clean and empty your automobile.

Example of Garbage Bag Storage via

Laura also gives a list of the supplies she keeps in her car to be “prepared for everything from emergencies, to traffic, to play including a beach stop on an unexpected sunny day.”

  1. First aid kit
  2. Flashlight
  3. CD’s/DVD’s
  4. Gum
  5. Book (for when you are waiting around)
  6. Sunblock
  7. Hand lotion
  8. Snacks (granola bars work well)
  9. Water
  10. Notebook/Pen
  11. Extra garbage bags
  12. Hairspray (you never know when you might need a little squirt…priorities people!)
  13. Picnic blanket
  14. Reusable grocery bags
  15. Shovels/pails
  16. Lawn chairs (soccer chairs in our case)
  17. Change of clothes for younger kids (including extra diapers if needed)
  18. Toy basket
  19. Kleenex
  20. Antibacterial wipes
  21. Baby wipes
  22. Umbrella
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Paper towels
  25. Receiving blanket (great for spills)
  26. Sunflower seeds (awesome for keeping me awake while driving!)
  27. Tylenol (locked in glove box)
  28. Toilet seat covers (love these!)
  29. Lip balm/gloss
  30. Bug spray
  31. Maps

Organizing Tote

“Now that you have a rough idea of what you need, we need to figure out a way to store it.” At GUS, we have an awesome solution for this! Our Organizing Totes can be kept neatly in the trunk of your car. Many people recommend laundry baskets or milk crates for the trunk, however the separated compartments of our Organizing Tote will not only keep your trunk organized, but it will also keep the items themselves from getting out of hand. Not only that but, items that you tend to not use in a crate will find a way to sit on the bottom, forgotten and taking up space. With the Organizing Tote, you can simply remove these items from their compartments and throw them out or place them elsewhere!

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  2. This is a great idea this will help me get the clutter under control in my car.

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