How to Organize Your Kitchen


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People tend to expand their recipe collection, rarely getting rid of any, therefore this tends get fairly disorganized. There are several approaches you can take to organizing your recipes. The first is the binder method. Our expert of the week, Elizabeth Larkin (writer at, uses this technique to keep her recipes neat. She “keeps recipes in clear plastic sleeves in a binder organized by main ingredient.” The plastic sleeves are a must in order to

keep pages from ripping out! Another recipe organizing strategy is to use a filing

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box. Sections can be separated by dividers, labeled by categories such as “sandwiches” or “soups.” This approach may be better suited for those who have many recipes that no longer fit in one binder!

However, a common issue when organizing recipes is that to use a specific recipe, it had to be removed from the binder or box. After people are done using the recipe, they often forget to put it back in its correct place, and recipes either get misplaced or out of order. Additionally, recipes are occasionally ruined by the splatter of cooking! To solve the latter issue, Elizabeth “tapes the clear plastic sleeve, with the recipe in it, to the bottom of a cabinet so it’s easy to read while [she is] cooking.” At, we have a handy solution to fix all of these problems! Our Recipe Organizer has many functions, starting as a replacement for your recipe binder or filing box. Separated labeled compartments organize recipes for your main dishes, salads, sides and desserts. The Recipe Organizer has a front sleeve and a hanging hook so you can protect and view the recipe you need to cook your meal. Plus, the front sleeve is the perfect size to fit your iPad! Now you can utilize an online recipe without wasting the paper to print it out or having to worry about damaging your iPad!

Recipe Organizer


Quick and easy, GUS has a simple solution for your under the sink mess. Step 1: Completely empty the area under your sink. Step 2: Clean this space until it is spotless! Step 3: Throw away anything that is unnecessary and that you do not need. Step 4: Organize all of your under sink items in our Undercounter Bottle Organizer. Many sites recommend baskets for under your sink, however when your bottles are not separated it is easy to let the mess build up. Also, the handles on our Bottle Organizer make it easy to grab for cleaning other areas of the house. With our Undercounter Bottle Organizer, you will never have to organize again!

Undercounter Bottle Organizer


Storing large and small appliances can get tricky because they tend to take up a lot of space. Elizabeth prefers to “use roll out storage, and [she] especially likes the design of this Lynk Roll Out.” While roll out storage is great, cupboard space is limited, and GUS has an stylish solution. Our Appliance Covers are terrific for storing anything from blenders to mixers. Your appliances now can be stored anywhere without having to worry about them getting dirty, dusty, or damaged! Also, the Appliance Cover have cord openings to avoid messy tangled wires, pockets to store accessories, and extra padding.

Appliance Covers

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