Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

The brisk mornings and cloudy afternoons are indicators that it is time to store away your summer wardrobe and make room for your fall clothing. has great tips on storage for all of your summer items.


The first step in preparation is to wash and dry all of the clothes you plan to prepare. Writer for and an expert on the matter, Mary Marlowe Leverette (check out her posts at, reminds our readers to “make sure that everything is spotlessly clean and completely dry. Never store soiled items or damp items that will lead to mildew, attract insects and give stains time to set-in permanently.” Another tip is to make any adjustments or repairs on your summer wardrobe before you store it away. Extra button will get lost and ripped hems will be forgotten if you wait until next summer to take care of these issues. Readers are also cautioned to fold their summer clothing along the seam lines to prevent wrinkles. Mary also advises that “to prevent wrinkles, your clothing must have plenty of space or be folded with acid-free tissue paper cushioning every fold. Your best items should be stored in cloth fabric hanging bags to prevent dust from settling on the shoulders.”


There are many options for storage of your summer wardrobe.

The first choice is vacuum-sealed bags. Brands, such as Space Bag, can be found at home stores. Mary recommends vacuum-sealed bags because “they are lightweight; easy to use; easy to open and reseal; and waterproof.”

The next option is under-bed storage. At GUS, our Underbed Storage Zips are a great solution! The Storage Zips include separated compartments that will aid in organization. Furthermore, under-bed storage is perfect because it keeps the items out of site and creates tons of space in your closet.

Joey & Jane Underbed Storage Zips

A quick tip when using under-bed storage is to place a cedar block in with your clothing. This will absorb moisture and prevent moths and other insects from ruining your clothes.

Collapsible Open Shelf Storage Box

There are also those items that are designed for summer, however you know you will be needing them from time-to-time on warm days over the fall. Instead of digging through your vacuum-sealed bags or under-bed storage box, we encourage you to keep an accessible storage box somewhere conveniently located. A perfect storage solution for these items is our Collapsible Open Shelf Storage Box. This way, you will quickly be able to grab the article of clothing you are looking for without the fuss of searching through all of your storage.

Mary reminds our readers that “bathing suits should be stored together for ease in finding them next summer.” Along with this, some recommendations on storing bathing suits for the season are: “swimsuits with padded or shaped bra cups, should be stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to help them hold their shape” and “swimsuits with metal or ‘jewel’ decoration should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to prevent scratching.” Additionally, Mary gives a great tip to our readers in saying “I store my suits in my beach tote which is usually empty!” If you need a beach tote to store your bathing suits that you can use on vacations and for summers to come, our Mesh Beach Tote is a great solution.

Mesh Beach Tote

As a final note, our Travel Shoe Bags are a great way to store flip flops and sandals until next summer! Not only will you be able to keep your summer shoes out of sight, you will also be able to keep them organized and clean.

Travel Shoe Bag

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