How to Take Care of Your New Fall Shoes

Time to put away the sandals and pull out the boots because fall is officially here! has all you need to know about fall shoe trends, proper shoe care, and shoe storage.


The shoe scene this fall is filled with new and exciting styles. We caught up with shoe designer, Kelley Lehner (, who gave GUS the latest on shoe trends gracing the fashion scene this fall. Apparently, it’s all about the “tailored menswear” this fall. Kelley tells us some of the shoes within this category include “oxfords, loafers, and lace up ankle boots.” The best thing about this trend is all of these tomboy inspired shoes can be both dressed up or dressed down.

Women's Blair Oxford Bootie via Klub Nico

Kelley also told GUS that “boots and Peep Toe booties with lug soles; and fur accents across all types of silhouettes” are cool new trends this fall. We just love the Bria Booties!

Kelley also says to keep an eye out for a splash of color “besides your basic neutrals [you will see] navy, moss green and pinots.” Incorporate these trends into your shoe selection and you will be sure to “make for a chic, updated look for Fall.”

Lace Up Ankle Boots via


Stylish shoes and boots can be an expensive habit, therefore proper shoe care is essential if you want to maintain them. Since weather and rain are often unexpected, it is beneficial to pick up a waterproofing spray for your boots as a preemptive measure. That way, at least your shoes will be protected no matter what mother nature what mother nature brings your way. Kelley says that a shoe care rule that she lives by is to “always spray my suede and/or nobuck shoes with a leather protecting product such as Scotch Guard because this definitely prolongs the longevity of the shoe.” Kelley also points out (that most probably forget to do) is to make sure your “shoes are clean and dry before putting them away. It’s as simple as wiping them down with a clean cloth.” All of these steps will help ensure that your fall shoes will last for years to come.


Kelley gave GUS some very useful tips on storing fall shoes. She said “it is always good to store large boots in their original boxes or in a large thin bins with a lid so they can lay down flat.” Thankfully, at GUS we have a great option for this! Our Collapsible Shoe Box Storage fits Kelley’s description exactly. The boxes can easily be stored in your closet, and the clear vinyl window makes it simple to spot the shoes you are looking for.

Collapsible Shoe Box Storage

Also, Kelley adds that storage boxes “will protect [shoes] from getting damaged from ‘fighting’ with other shoes in your closet and collecting dust, etc.” As an additional idea, Kelley said  “it is also a good idea to store them with a desiccant pouch (silica gel used to maintain a state of dryness, usually marked with “Do Not Eat” warning) to protect them from mold and humidity.  Storing your boots this way will also maximize your closet space which can be very challenging.”

As a final tip to our readers, Kelley tells GUS some questions she asks herself before beginning her fall shoe shopping: “1) Is this a style I don’t currently have, is it new and special? 2) How will this style and color combination fit into my wardrobe?  3) What is my estimated cost per use?  Nowadays I prefer to buy more expensive items that I know will wear for many years to come as opposed to a less expensive item that I will only wear a few times and then throw away.  4) Do I love the style enough to buy it in more than one color?” Be sure to go through and answer these helpful questions before making your purchases!

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