Fall Weather Brings out the Sweaters – Storage Solutions


Oversize V-Neck Sweaters

Oversized V-Neck Sweaters are perfect and comfortable for the upcoming brisk fall days, and will continue to be useful well into the winter. The sweaters complete the “borrowed-from-my-boyfriend” look and can be matched with several other fashion essentials. Try the sweater out over a simple shirt, with a pair of leggings and some jewelry. The oversized sweaters are perfect for the days when you just want to throw on a hoodie, but know you should dress it up a bit.


The lumberjack look is in for this fall for both men and women! Plaid can be stylized in many different ways, but here are a couple of options: A classic plaid shirt, straight leg jeans, and a pair of boots or a plaid dress, solid pumps, and a blazer. Other cute items found in plaid include: jackets, scarves, rainboots, purses, and more! However, a quick fashion tip is to beware that you are not channeling the school uniform look too much!

Camouflage Print

For all of you college students, camo print is a unique trend for the Fall 2011 fashion scene. The trick is to find articles of clothing that don’t resemble tacky costume pieces. As a rule, stick to only one camouflaged piece per outfit, but there are a variety of items you can choose from. Whether it is a jacket or dress, the camouflage look is very “in” for this fall.

Wide Leg Pants

Return of the 70′s! Wide leg pants and bellbottoms are making a comeback this fall. There are several different types, however two prominent styles are wide leg jeans and palazzo pants. Be sure to purchase wide leg jeans with tighter hips to avoid a shapeless look. Palazzo pants should be paired with a firm fitting top, and tend to look best with heels.

Carolina Engman, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, and Mary-Kate Olsen via: http://keepcalmgoshopping.onsugar.com/70S-WIDE-LEG-PANTS-17952558

Fashion blogger, Jenny Heller (check out her articles  at www.lauriebstyle.comand www.spoiledlittlelagirls.com), told us about some other trends she is looking forward to this fall. Some of her “favorites include winter capes, fisherman sweaters, print pants, midi length skirts and peplum silhouettes.” Jenny also tells us that “shopping for fall trends couldn’t be easier these days, as lots of chain stores interpret the runway trends at inexpensive prices.”  In  her opinion, “two of the best are Zara (who, to [her] delight, recently launched online commerce) and H&M.”


Once you put together an outfit with a great new look for Fall, the question becomes what to do with it when you’re not wearing it! Sweaters can be bulky and adding new pieces to your already crammed closet is never fun. However, no need to compromise your style for a lack of space. At GreatUsefulStuff.com, we have numerous solutions for storage for all of your clothes. Jenny Heller says that “it’s best to store sweaters folded on shelves, as they can get easily stretched out on hangers, however, that can get a bit messy.” She adds on that “sweater bins are a great solution to this problem.” Our Sweater Bins are the perfect place to keep all of the items you plan to purchase this fall. Instead of trying to find room in a drawer to cram in all of your sweaters, pants, and other articles of clothing, give these bins a try. The front tab even folds down, for easy access to your clothes.

Sweater Bins

Another solution is our Collapsible Open Shelf Storage Box. Not only do the boxes create space and organization for your fall clothing, they also come in a variety of stylish colors.

Collapsible Open Shelf Storage Box

As a final tip for shopping this fall, Jenny Heller advises “taking inventory of your closet before hitting the stores and buying pieces that will seamlessly mix and match with items you already own.  Not only will you be more likely to wear them this way, but you’ll be guaranteed multiple ways to wear them.”

For more information about products and ordering, visit www.greatusefulstuff.com.

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