Things You Forgot to Bring to College

After all of the craze of moving into college, everyone is finally settling in. However, living on your own is an adjustment and there are several things everyone overlooks. GUS has great items to solve some of these issues college students are facing. Furthermore, students won’t need to leave their dorms or dig deep into their pockets; solutions are just a click away and these very reasonably priced items can be shipped directly to your school.


Making time to do your laundry is difficult enough with all of the work and social events that come along with the college experience. However, even more challenging is trying to sort your darks from lights without laundry baskets or space to create piles. Thomas Frank is a blogger from College Info Geek and an expert on college living (check out his blog at His solution to this problem is to put all of his clothes into a “hamper, drag it all to the laundry room, and separate [his] whites and colors by throwing them into different machines.” This is a great resolution as long as there are plenty of empty machines. GUS has a great product to help avoid this issue completely!

Mesh Laundry Tote

Our Mesh Laundry Tote has various interior sections intended to ease your laundry troubles. This washable mesh tote has separate compartments for lights and darks, along with two useful pockets for delicates, soap, dryer sheets and more. With the Mesh Laundry Tote, you can eliminate the time and fuss surrounding laundry.


Everyone remembers to bring a backpack or shoulder bag to lug books to and from class. However, what many people forget is that these books need a place to stay within your dorm room. Piling books on your desk can get very disorganized and messy, but not to worry, GUS has an easy fix.

School Wally

The School Wally is a hanging organizer that can easily be hung on the back of a door or the side of a bunk bed and will provide space and organization for books, papers, projects, and more! Now you can keep your work separated by subjects, along with extra storage for writing utensils, pencil sharpeners, electronics, and more. The School Wally comes with sturdy hooks that simply slip over a door or rod, and is a super useful item that will create organization and extra space in your dorm room.


Sharing a bathroom in college with lots of people is usually a brand new experience for most Freshman. While most kids probably remembered to pick up a shower caddy before they left for school, a lot of students will find that many models are inconveniently large, hard to navigate, and they trap way too much water which quickly results in mold and mildew. At GUS, our Mesh Bath Tote  is the perfect size for all of your shower and bathroom products and with the mesh material, water does not get trapped at the bottom of the tote. Additionally, in most college communal living, long shower lines mean much shorter showers than everyone is used to. Another tip from Thomas is that the “showers are pretty crowded from around 7:30am to 9:30am,” so try to avoid the bathrooms at these times. Our Mesh Shower Tote can help you get in and out of the shower in a snap with its large pockets to hold all your products and its flexible handle that fits over most showerheads.

Mesh Bath Tote

College life can be stressful enough, so hopefully these products from GUS will make your daily lives just a little bit easier! For more helpful products, check out our back to school collection.

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2 responses to “Things You Forgot to Bring to College

  1. Mesh Bath Tote is Awesome…best way to get to bathroom in dorm and not forget anything!

  2. this is genius!

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