Summer Photo Fun

We are sad to report that summer is just about over– no more vacations, days by the pool and carefree thoughts. After all those summer memories you’ve created with your loved ones, we’re sure you have a plethora of photos that need organizing! Follow these tips and tricks on storing and displaying your summer photos for everyone to enjoy.


One of the most daunting tasks is organizing your hundreds of summer photos before the beginning of fall. Whether you opt for real photo albums or digital ones, we’ve got both topics covered. When assembling a photo album, it seem the best method of organization is chronologically. Start by grouping photos by year, then month. Make sure you label the photos as you insert them in the album. For some extra help sorting photos, try a keepsake keeperto save precious time. The keeper provides easily accessible folders and tabs for sorting, and custom exterior labels and photos sleeves. Use the 12 roomy sections to sort photos by date or any category you choose!

Keepsake Keeper

For some more photo tips we have an expert from the photography world, Peter Medilek, a San Francisco photographer with a variety of high profile clients (check out his beautiful portfolio here In terms of organizing photos, Peter says, “I usually create an online folder for each project or event. I rename each digital file with the folder name and assign an individual. After the project is completed, I back up the final files on an external hard drive and burn a DVD.” If you prefer to stay away from online work, simply create the sub-folders according to date or event under a  larger “Pictures” folder on your computer. If you prefer working in the digital world, try Blurb or Shutterfly for an easy experience you can share with friends and family. Peter shares, “For large events with many guests, I like uploading the selected files to It’s easy to send out invites to the online album, and everybody can order reprints individually. For special occasions, I like printing photo books. My favorite is; great software and quality.”

If you’re keeping photos in an album after all, there are a couple tips you should remember to keep photos looking great all year round. Peter recommends storing photos on a dry shelf, just as you would books. Avoid storing photos in high heat locations to prevent damage.

6 Section Photo Tray

Coffee tables are also great for showcasing photo albums you want your guests to flip through. For a coffee table display, try a 6 section photo storage tray. The photo compartments can be sorted by date or event, and each compartment has a built-in frame so you can display your favorite image of the bunch for everyone to see.


Another common photo question concern is the type of paper used for printing. We wonder which we should use: glossy or matte? We’ve found that semi glossy paper seems best for scrapbooking and displaying photos. The paper won’t stick to surfaces as much as pure glossy paper and will maintain a high color vibrancy. Peter adds, “Most durable is the good old fashioned photo pare ( FUJI, Kodak, Agfa).  For more paper choices select from ink jet paper (Epson, Hahnemuehle), especially the Gallery versions of the ink jet paper, which claim to last for at least 100 years.”

Now that you’ve got all your photos printed, it’s time to choose some extra special ones to display around the house. The key is not to overdo it; no one likes to be surrounded by hundreds of photos in every room! We found that if you treat your photo collections as a large piece of art, they will come together magically. Peter tells us, “Too many small and different picture frame styles can be overwhelming. I like my friend’s idea that all family pictures are displayed on one wall, they are all black and white images, and the frames are all dark wood stained (wenge/ black); looks very artistic. I personally have a few oversize images framlessly mounted to the walls. We mix in a couple of smaller frames and images. If you like to show a lot of pictures, create a grid of frames that match each others dimension and style.”

Stackable Photo Boxes

For smaller displays that you can place on desks or counters, try single stackable photo boxes. The photo boxes allow you to store your prized memories at your fingertips and let you choose your favorite image to display in the built in frame. Create a unique, vibrant display with multiple photo boxes that you can arrange anywhere in any way. So parents, now that you have the tools and tips to organize your photos, make sure you hop to the task before your summer memories end up at the bottom of a drawer yet again!

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