Conquering the Messy Room Muddle

Throughout this summer, GUS has been hosting a special Facebook contest for everyone suffering from a messy room. Our messy room makeover contest currently has 22 entries and believe us, some of those rooms are serious disasters and very worthy of our $400 makeover prize! Look at what Charlotte’s six-year-old has done to her room… Is she hiding under there?! In honor of our contest coming to an end on August 31st, we’ve come up with a post with tips and tricks to help you and your family organize those messy rooms once and for all.


Maximizing space in any bedroom is always a tricky problem to solve. Whether you’re moving your child into a new dorm room or just reorganizing your own room, it’s important to use roll out bins for under bed storage. Under bed storage is essential for knick-knacks (sewing supplies, old photos, etc.) or clothing that doesn’t need to be in a closet (bathing suits, scarves, etc.). Try collapsible shoe box storage bins for any item you can think of! The boxes have a clear vinyl front so you can easily see the contents.

Collapsible Shoe Storage

Wall shelving is another easy storage solution that is often overlooked. For example, instead of adding an extra bookshelf and taking up more floor space, try installing two or three decorative shelves.


Filing systems are among the most useful office tools but are often the most difficult to set up. We’re giving you a few organizing ideas for you filing systems so you’ll finally get it right this time! Kids should have their own filing system for school subjects, homework/projects in progress and schedules. Your child should clean out his/her binders every 1-2 weeks and file the older papers. Parents can add to the schedules folder and include to-do tasks and other important information for extracurricular activities. Parents, make sure your filing system has spots for unread/read mail, bills, handouts from school functions, and to-dos. Looking for somewhere to store your smaller papers besides the bottom of a purse or drawer?

Shopping Organizer

Try a shopping organizer perfectly labeled for receipts, coupons and gift cards. The organizer is big enough to hang up and small enough to take with you everywhere! Cord control is also an issue in any room in the house. Cords are unsightly, hazardous to keep out in the open and instantly make a room look tangled up. Nowadays, it’s useful to mark your cords to avoid confusion about which to use when. I personally keep all my cords tangled in a ziplock bag, but i’ve finally found a solution to my problems! A cord box has eight labeled compartments to hold wires and small tech devices. The box has double snap closure so everything stays in place, but the best part is it’s stylishly made out of woven grass cloth with a rich leatherette trim.

Cord Box


Parents, we know as soon as you organize a room your little ones run in to mess it up yet again. We’ve got some easy tools that even your kids will love in their newly organized room! Try lightweight chalkboard bins for smaller items like magazines, art supplies and legos. The bins have chalkboard fabric fronts so your kids can have fun decorating their own unique bins and can be stored virtually anywhere because of their size.

Chalkboard Bins

For larger items, get a strong and roomy kids toy box. The Joey and Jane toy box is collapsible and stackable, and made with heavy duty fabric in signature Joey and Jane colors.

Joey & Jane Toy Box

We hope we’ve inspired you to get your messy room back in order, but if you still need some inspiration, check out our contest entries at our Facebook page– we know they’ll get you cleaning! 

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One response to “Conquering the Messy Room Muddle

  1. Charlotte Varner

    What a messy room!!! Wait that’s one of my rooms!!!!!!! I think my daughter is under there somewhere…HELP!!!

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