Direction for the Dorm Room Diva

It’s almost that time of year again– back-to-school is quickly approaching! For all us college students (and our parents) this is an incredibly stressful time. What do I pack? Will all my clothes fit in that tiny closet? Where do I shop for room decor? Because experienced college students know the back-to-school routine best, we’ve asked three college bloggers to help us answer our dorm room questions!


For us girls, maximizing our closet space is perhaps the most difficult issue to solve. In most dorm rooms, you’re either forced to share a small walk-in closet or are given your own even smaller closet. So what to do? Alex, a blogger for the popular college site (check out her informative personal youtube channel, tells us she makes the most of her closet space by hanging only nice blouses, dress and jackets. She adds, “Along the floor of the closet you can place some small pull out drawers. Then you could either store your shoes on top of those shelves or get a door hanging shoe storage device.”

Ashley, a college student in the Boston area (check out her fun favorite things blog, says she uses drawer dividers in her dresser where she stores underwear, socks, leggings, sports clothes, t-shirts, and pj’s. For the closet she uses a double expander rod and takes advantage of under-bed storage (if your bed isn’t lofted, you can buy bed risers).

Carly Heitlinger (check out her energetc, preppy blog has a great suggestion for us East Coast college goers: “The minute the weather starts cooling off in D.C., I have my mom send my pre-packed Fall/Winter wardrobe up to school. I use the boxes she sent me to return my summer wardrobe. Rotating my closet literally doubles my wardrobe space!”

In addition to these great space saving tips and tricks, try hanging accessory organizers.

Hang-Hers Jewelry Organizer

The new Hang-Hers collection has 4 hanging organizers to store and systematize glasses, jewelry, belts, purses, and more. The hanging organizers are perfect for inside your closet, outside the door and even in the bathroom. Each organizer has a bright label on the side so when it’s hanging, it’s even easier to find the perfect accessories for that new outfit!


The bathroom is the second most obvious problem for us girls. If we can’t share a bathroom with one girl, how are we expected to do so with four girls?

5-piece Vanity Set

Alex says, “I think it is best to use a shower rack and carry things back and forth from the bathroom in that rack. This prevents any confusion and mix up when it comes to your products.” Try a 5-piece Vanity Setfor carrying your products to and from the bathroom. The set comes with a variety of mesh container sizes so you can store everything from toothbrushes to hair brushes with ease. Looking for a single larger tote? Try a mesh bath tote with various sized pockets to store all of your essentials.

Mesh Bath Tote

Ashley also agrees that keeping cosmetics and hair products in your own room keeps the bathroom cleaner. However, she says, “I would give each person a small section to store shampoo and shower essentials. Make a cleaning schedule because a messy bathroom can cause tension.”


Closet and bathroom space is definitely limited and valuable for us college students, so we have a few other tricks up our sleeve to help you out. A hair dryer hanger is a perfect space saver, especially if you share a bathroom. My hair dryer currently sits tangled up in my desk drawer, but a hanger allows you to keep it on a towel bar with the cord stacked neatly.

Hair Dryer Hanger

Nail polish storage is also a tricky one for us, but Alex says, “Try using a container like the one that you would use to store spices in a kitchen cabinet. This way you can see all of your nail polish colors and there is no risk of them breaking since they aren’t stored in one bag.” Finally, GUS has a brand new back-to-school collection that includes everything a college student might need, from laundry totes to file boxes. There you have it, girls. Now go unleash your inner dorm room diva!

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  1. Another good suggestion for a set of BED RISERS that are super strong is at this link.

    Good luck,


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