Secrets for Healthy Hollywood Hair

One thing most women spend almost too much time on is their hair. Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, it always seems to be a struggle getting your hair to look flawless (unless you’re the Kardashians, of course). But us normal folk sometimes forget that the keys to perfect hair lie in the basics of hair care. We looked to hair stylist and salon owner Greg Griffin (check out his fun filled site equipped with a blog and more to give us some tips and tricks to help keep our locks as healthy as can be.


Choosing a hair brush can be an overwhelming task. Not only are there countless styles, but also we can hardly distinguish when to use each brush! We’ve done some research and nailed down a few key brushes we think every girl should have. 

1. Paddle Hair Brush. A paddle hair brush is typically larger, flat, and wide with an oval or rectangular head. The bristles sit on an air cushion and can be boar, nylon or a mix of both. This is your everyday hair brush you often see in drugstores because it’s used for smoothing, detangling and adding shine. Don’t worry about your hair type, this brush works for everyone!

2. Round Thermal Hair Brush. A round hair brush has bristles around the entire head of the brush and is usually ceramic. This brush is typically used for blow drying and styling hair; experiment with different brush sizes to create larger or smaller curls, or simply blow dry straight.

3. Vent Hair Brush. Vent hair brushes have holes in the middle of the base to allow air to pass through the brush for faster blow drying. These brushes also add volume and detangle those difficult knots in any hair.

Now that you know what brushes you should have, Greg Gifford tells us perhaps the most important thing to remember about our new tools. He says, “The best way to clean out a brush is to use a wide-tooth comb, and comb out any hair and debris that has collected. It’s a good idea to do this every few months or when [the brush] starts looking gross. About twice a year use a clarifying shampoo on your brush to remove product build-up, and lay flat on a towel to dry.”


Flat irons and hair dryers can be scary to use on your precious locks, so make sure you do your research and invest in tools that minimize heat damage. Choose hair dryers and flat irons that are made of quality ceramic, not just ceramic coated. For flat irons, buy one with a temperature control so you can choose a temperature best for your hair type. Another plus? A quality hair straightener will have the ability to curl and manipulate hair as well– in fact, my favorite curler is my straightener!

When styling hair, use product to protect from heat and make your job easier. Because hair product will often build up on your flat iron, Greg recommends to “use an alcohol pad or a paper towel with some windex. This should remove any residual burnt on product.”  In terms of build up for hair dryers he says, “On most hair dryers you can unscrew the back and take out the filter. You can use a comb to comb out the lint or if it gets really bad you can request a new one from the manufacturer.” Make sure to take proper care of your styling tools to ensure a longer life span. Try storing your hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron in a hair styling station. The station also hides cords and has ceramic interior liners perfect for your hot accessories.

Hair Styling Station


What you put in your hair is equally as important as buying the right hair tools. We admit to having some hair products for well over a year, so is it time for us to toss our goods? Greg says, “Most products have a 2 year shelf life. For hair care products and shampoos, there is a little more leeway on the expiration dates; you could probably push it another year or so. It also depends on how it’s stored, if the lid has been kept on tightly and if it’s been stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.” Speaking of shampoo and conditioner, we also confess to having at least four different types in our shower at a time. Are you actually supposed to switch up shampoo/conditioner to reduce build-up? Greg admits, “This is a tricky one; if you find a shampoo that works great for your hair it’s okay to stick with it. If you are heavy handed with products it’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to clean off any product build up.” Need help organizing all those bottles in the bathroom? Keep products right by your side with a snap-on bottle organizer, perfect to place over a towel bar, shower rod or shower door.

Snap-on Bottle Organizer

For something smaller and more portable, we recommend a waterproof mesh bath tote. This is especially handy for travel and showers in college dorm bathrooms.

Mesh Bath Tote

Now that we’ve given you our tips and tricks, go tend to those luscious locks!

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