Fresh Tips For Beauty Bliss

Ladies, we know how important your makeup is to you. We know how often you splurge on new mascara or brushes to keep your makeup collection in tip-top shape. But we’ve all been there– you suddenly loose your favorite new Lady Gaga limited edition lipstick in your bottomless purse or ruin your brushes in the midst of travel. So, we’ve identified some tips and products to help you keep your makeup collection fresh all year round!


We’re always wondering if we should keep our six-month-old eyeshadows and face creams or run to the store to purchase all new beauty products– we’re sure you’re wondering the same. For beauty tips, we’ve looked to Mario Dedivanovic, a celebrity makeup artist whose work has been featured in top magazines (he shares celeb beauty secrets in his tell-all blog

We first asked Mario about mascara. How do you know when it’s expired? Mario says, “Mascara will begin to go bad after about 2-3 months.  When the wand comes out looking dry and flaky, it’s time for a new mascara.  Another simple way to tell when your mascara is too old is by smelling it.  After a few months of use, mascara tends to get a very bitter smell – similar to vinegar in my opinion.  If something smells abnormal like that, close it and toss it.” Since we all love luscious lashes, this is definitely a tip worth remembering.

Next comes foundation. Especially for liquid foundation, Mario says if it “begins to seperate in the bottle and change colors, please do yourself and your skin a favor and get rid of it. Products that contain oils will eventually go bad and will certainly accumulate all kinds of bacteria.” What else can’t Mario stand? Filthy sponges. Mario tells us “wash your sponge at least once a week.  It takes a few seconds to wash with soap and water.  Reusing these sponges over time and not washing them will be more harmful to your skin than anything else.   If you dont want to wash them, you can use a new sponge every time and toss it when done.  Every pharmacy has bags of disposable sponges that are fairly inexpensive.” Washing your sponges will keep your skin and your makeup fresh– good to know!


Most of us have a simple makeup bag that holds absolutely everything we need to keep our faces looking pretty. But, we’re here to tell you that there’s a much better way to store your makeup. A cosmetic travel pouch is lightweight, washable, and has specific compartments for all your makeup essentials. You’ll finally be able to see what you have (or don’t have), and can keep items secure in your purse or while traveling.

Cosmetic Travel Pouch

Another solution? A purse organizer.

Purse Organizer

Instead of taking their entire makeup bag, many women will simply carry a lipstick, mascara and blush for touchups. The problem? We know how many other items you carry in that enormous bag of yours. So try a purse organizer– it fits right into your bag and has exterior pockets to hold anything and everything (including makeup)! A cosmetic pouch or purse organizer will help with Mario’s final tip: “Try keeping liquid and cream products including lipsticks and glosses away from the sunlight.  Instead, store them somewhere dark and cool like a drawer or medicine cabinet.” There you have it, ladies. Now go clean up those makeup bags!

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