Primping Up Your Pet’s Space

We know that taking care of pets is a tough, time intensive job; as if kids don’t keep you busy enough, you now have animals to worry about. Better yet, your house has probably been turned upside down since the addition of your furry friends. We’ve done some research and found tips and tricks to keeping your pet’s area (aka your home) clean as can be– follow along!


The food and water area is perhaps the  most important aspect of your pet’s area. As dog owners ourselves, we know the feeling of your puppy spilling water on the newly cleaned floor because of his flimsy bowl. Another hassle? Cleaning the bowls. We got some great info from Paris Permenter and John Bigley who run a pet blog of pet tips, product reviews, news, travel, and more (check out and for great advice on caring for your special pet). Paris informs us that for dogs, “it’s best to set up your dog’s food bowl in an area away from the main traffic in your house but, on the other hand, not too far from the action. You’ll want to supervise your dog’s eating and drinking habits, especially if you have more than one dog, to make sure each is getting appropriate amounts of food and water. It’s handy to set up the food bowl fairly close to the kitchen. Most dog lovers set out the food and give their dog about 15 minutes to eat; after that time, leftover food goes into the refrigerator or is discarded and the bowl cleaned.” For cats, Paris says to “set up the food and water bowls away from the litter box (because no one wants to dine in the bathroom!).” In terms of water, she suggests having more than one bowl or a fountain for your pet.

Pet Bowl Holder

So considering our goal is to eliminate mess and keep our pets healthy, we suggest a sturdy stainless steel pet bowl holder. The holder looks fancy enough to keep in practically any room in the house, and the removable bowls and leatherette base make cleaning easier than ever. The best part about the holder? It definitely won’t be sliding around your hardwood floors and creating a mess! If you’ve already invested in high quality pet bowls, try a pet bowl mat to keep them in place.


Cleaning is of utmost importance with pets, for your sake as well as theirs. Paris says, “Dog and cat bowls should be washed daily, just as we’d wash our own bowls.  Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are excellent for both water and food. (With ceramic, make sure the bowl has a lead-free glaze.) For cats, it’s especially important to avoid plastic bowls. The soft surface of plastic scratches easily; those scratches can harbor bacteria.” To ensure you leave your pet bowls sparkling clean, try a sturdy pet bowl cleaner sponge.

However, the washing is just the beginning of the cleaning process. It’s important to eliminate pet odors and clean up shedding. There’s really only one solution, which Paris urges: “Frequent cleaning is the best way to avoid pet odors around the house. This means daily vacuuming and frequent mopping, using pet-friendly solutions such as vinegar and water.” Of course, bathing your pet consistently will make your job easier (and make your pet more fun to cuddle with)! However, Paris says, “if you don’t have time, there are numerous “between bath” products you can spritz on your dog’s hair to break up oils.” If you’re a cat owner, don’t forget to clean out the litter box completely every week.


Need a better place to store all those pet biscuits and brushes? Try a pet pouch that you can even tote along with you on vacation. The pouch has plenty of labeled compartments for storing snacks, toys, grooming equipment, and more!

Pet Pouch

Fatboy Doggielounge

Finally, if your dog has been extra well-behaved recently, surprise her with a new Doggielounge! The lounger shuts out moisture and odors, and provides your puppy with the perfect spot for some much needed shut-eye.

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  1. Very well written and informative article – thanks. Love the pet bowl holder

  2. Thanks for yoursuperb tips
    Its pleasant to find other people who talk about my love

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