Stylish Summer Gardening

Summer is often the time when people clean out their closets, throw away old papers and start afresh, so why not take the same approach with your garden? We know gardening can become a bit tedious, especially in the summer sun. But for those of you who are willing to bear the heat with us, we’ve come up with some fun ideas to help you and your garden stay stylish for the rest of the summer!


Do-it-yourself projects are often far more complicated than we hope, but we promise we have easy ideas for sprucing up your garden. Some of the simplest pieces to add to your outdoor space are decorated containers. Kathleen Hassinger is part of The Garden Media Group specializing in promoting lawn and garden products and services (check out their fantastic company and clients, and she has given us some great garden tips. She says that “creating interesting containers is easy, economical and quick.” Decorate plain containers to hold flowers and smaller vegetables that you particularly enjoy showing off. Kathleen adds, “I love including herbs in my deck containers so when I need some fresh herbs I don’t even have to put shoes on to add them to the recipe!” Featured below are some fabulous containers Kathleen spotted at the Association of Professional Landscape Designers conference. We love them all, but our favorite is the last one– it’s chic and we love the display of herbs inside. Don’t forget to try hanging containers this summer, too!


We’ve been especially curious about this summer’s gardening trends–what designs or plants are most popular this season? We’ve discovered that color is definitely the way to go, whether you’re planting in the ground or in your newly designed containers. People have been trending toward tropical plants (like a hibiscus) and vibrant lilies. Besides color, also play with heights and bloom sizes to create a more interesting garden design. Kathleen informs us that “one trend the Garden Media Group has been spotting a lot of is green walls.” The photograph below is a product she spotted called Wooly Pockets.


Alice Supply Co. Lime Garden Hose

Besides keeping your garden in tune with summer trends, it’s equally as important to keep yourself looking and feeling good. Add a burst of color to your gardening equipment to make looking at the not-so-pretty things out there a bit more enjoyable. A bright lime green or orange garden hose is a fun accessory you’ll enjoy using and your guests will definitely ask you about!

A toolbox is another typically mundane item that everyone tends to hide in their garage. We promise you’ll want to show off your gardening tool box when it’s decorated with summer colors and fun stripes!

Alice Supply Co. Striped Tool Box

Garden tools can also easily be kept in mesh wire baskets.

Mesh Wire Basket

These mesh baskets are sturdy and spacious, and can be easily organized in any closet space. The mesh is extremely helpful for shaking out excess dirt and debris from your gardening adventures!

Besides a sturdy tool box and wire bin, we know you gardening gurus need something a bit easier to lug around the backyard.

Organizing Tote

An organizing tote is versatile and suitable for all weather conditions; great for fitting every tool and even gardening scraps; and a colorful addition to your gardening wardrobe. The best thing about it? If you one day decide gardening just isn’t for you, your organizing tote will be sure to come in handy for whatever you decide to take on next!

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  1. Love the blog, and thank you for including me!

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