Packing And Traveling Made Easy

Today is the first day of summer, but we’re sure everyone has already begun planning vacations with family and friends. Of course, one of the biggest challenges for all travelers is packing. We dread packing just as much as you do, but we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make the task easier. Whether you’re traveling to the Caribbean or across the country, these tips will ensure you arrive at the airport on time and with everything you need!


1. Make a checklist. Research the weather at your destination and create a packing list accordingly. We know it’s hard, but resist taking multiples of what you’ll rarely use (e.g. only take one pair of jeans to a tropical island instead of three). Another key to remember is that you’ll only need about half the amount of clothes you think you need. Check out this printable checklist that’s great for any vacation.

2. Consider packing cubes. Packing cubes like the ones shown below allow you to organize your clothing in categories and save space while doing so. You can follow our same packing tips while adding another level of efficiency to your suitcase.

Packing Cubes

3. Pack bottom heavy, starting with shoes. Stuff shoes with socks and small items, then align them heel to toe at the bottom of your suitcase. Place shoes in packing cubes to add extra protection and prevent clothes from getting dirty. Your toiletry bag, jewelry and makeup should go at the bottom of your suitcase, too.

Shoe Packing Cube

4. Pack clothes starting with pants. Roll pants first and fill in empty spaces created by your shoes and other items. Remaining gaps can be filled with smaller items like light scarves and tights. Check out these tips on how to roll clothes to reduce wrinkles!

5. Next, roll t-shirts. Create an even layer of rolled shirts on top of the pants and other items. Place t-shirts in packing cubes for even more division. Roll underwear to fill up remaining space around the layers of clothing.

6. Finally, fold and stack button-down shirts and dresses. Pack these items on top of the t-shirts to reduce wrinkles on more delicate clothing.

7. Pack electronics and other kick-knacks in your carry on. Optimize space with a glam travel case to carry extra special jewelry, essential makeup items and small electronics.

Glam Travel Case


Make sure to pack something for dirty clothes. When repacking at the end of your trip, layer dirty clothes on the bottom of your suitcase. Make sure they are covered or enclosed in a packing cube before layering clean clothes back on top (see “Worn” packing cube).

If you’re traveling under special circumstances (ex. small children, pets), consider a multi-purpose tote to carry and organize essential travel items.

Kids/Pet Care Tote (available in 3 designs)

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